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Serving the Best of Missouri's Emergency Community since 1977

Founded to Help those who Help Others


EMS Legal Services was established in 1977 by Frank E. Foster to serve emergency ambulance districts throughout the State of Missouri. Drawing from his experience working with the Missouri Department of Health & Human Services, Frank Foster developed a practice focused on meeting the needs of ambulance districts and boards who help administer EMS services. Over the years, the practice broadened to include fire protection districts and emerging 911 districts.


Today, EMS Legal Services works with more than one hundred thirty emergency service districts throughout Missouri, providing each district with the legal expertise needed to address issues ranging from federal laws involving Medicare collections, state laws under the Missouri Sunshine Law and local regulations enacted by other governmental agencies. EMS Legal Services has the expertise needed to ensure your district remains complaint with the host of laws and regulations applicable to emergency services.

Expert Legal Counsel

  • General legal consultation with boards and directors regarding federal, state and local laws applicable to emergency service districts

  • Drafting of inter agency contracts, memorandums of understanding and other documents helping districts define their relationships with others

  • Drafting ordinances, policies and regulations necessary to provide districts with legal authority and direction

  • Providing professional legal counsel and recommendations as specific needs arise

Collection Services

  • Assisting local districts with collection of billable accounts, including reviewing policies and procedures for collection actions

  • Providing recommendations to boards regarding appropriate litigation for collectible accounts

  • Pursuing legal remedies to collect on past due accounts

And much more...
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