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In Memoriam
Frank Eugene Foster (1947-2022)


Frank Foster was involved with the EMS community from the day he started practicing law. Working as general counsel to the Bureau of EMS, he helped draft many of the laws that provide the basis for modern emergency services and developed the legal scheme for modern EMS in Missouri. After moving into his own practice, he started EMS Legal Services with the goal of using his expertise to help guide those involved in emergency services. Beginning with ambulance districts, Frank expanded the practice to include fire protection districts and 911 districts. Throughout his career, Frank was recognized as the leading expert on emergency law in the State of Missouri.

Frank Foster was also a veteran of the wars in Vietnam & Korea, having served in the United States Armed Forces with honor.


Shimer College (with distinction)

Washington University, School of Law

Saint Louis, Missouri

Prior Experience

Missouri State Bureau of EMS

Authored decisions on & conducted eighty-five public convenience & necessity hearings; Served as General Counsel to the Department in Counsel's absence; Wrote grants that brought millions of dollars into Missouri; Published over thirty legal articles for BEMS Newsletter; Served in Office of Injury Control & Prevention


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